62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute. Whether they suffer from common childhood afflictions like asthma and broken bones, or fight bigger challenges like birth defects or cancer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide comfort, treatment and hope to millions of sick kids. In fact, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat one in 10 children in North America each year.

Thanks to the support of our partners and the community, thousands of children are winning the battles of their lives every day. Meet some of our incredible champions that were treated at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and read their stories of hope and healing!



Myles weighed just 1 pound, 13 ounces when he arrived in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. “His hands were barely the size of quarters and his diapers were like folded dollar bills,” his parents recall.

He spent 54 days in the NICU, and thanks to funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, they had the incubators, diapers and life-saving monitoring systems that helped Myles grow strong during the first 3 months of his life. Today he enjoys making treats with mom and dad to take back to his favorite nurses at the hospital.



Twins Katelyn and Andrew were born prematurely, but their journey did not end when their stay in the NICU was finished. While Katelyn continued to meet milestones, Andrew battled spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and club feet. After numerous surgeries and physical therapies, Andrew was able to take his first independent steps before his third birthday and is grateful for the support of the Child Life Specialists at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children that continue to brighten all of his hospital visits.


Diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 5 years old, Brayden has undergone many procedures and overcome many obstacles in the past few years. Thanks to funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has the latest equipment for Brayden’s physical and occupational therapy sessions, and he can even receive music therapy during clinic visits. Today Brayden is strong enough to play baseball and basketball and though he has a long road ahead, he is winning the battle.


JP Potocki-Lupski Syndrome

As a baby, JP struggled to move, eat or even stay awake. Doctors feared he would never walk. JP was eventually diagnosed with Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (PTLS), a very rare health condition which causes developmental delays, speech problems, low muscle tone and feeding difficulties. With the funds raised through CMN Hospitals, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families had the technology and equipment to help him overcome his obstacles. Today, JP runs, swims and even dances - bringing joy to everyone he meets!

ARYELLE Congenital Heart Defect

Aryelle’s congenital heart defect was detected before she was born and she had her first open-heart surgery at just five days old. Since then, The Heart Center at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has become a second home for her, and is where she had her second and third open-heart surgeries before she was four years old. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have helped purchase surgical, diagnostic and catheterization lab equipment at Arnold Palmer Hospital to help more kids like Aryelle.


BELLAH Short Bowel Syndrome

Born with a genetic condition that left her with failing intestines, Bella has struggled with Short Bowel Syndrome her whole life. Overcoming infections, sepsis and numerous surgeries, Bella’s longest stay at Arnold Palmer Hospital to date has been 65 days in the summer of 2016. Thanks for the funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network, the Critical Care Transport and Child Life teams at Arnold Palmer Hospital have vital resources that have played a significant role in her care.

MAKAYLAH Mitochondrial Disease

After multiple life-saving surgeries and facing a number of medical conditions including immunodeficiency, epilepsy, migraines, osteoporosis, a cyst in her brain, and muscle weakness, Makaylah was ultimately diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease.

Despite the ongoing medical battles she faces, Makaylah is a typical 12 year old who loves to swim and ride her bike. Donations to CMN Hospitals at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children support the Child Life program that keeps her spirits high when she is in the hospital, and the Critical Care transport team, which has had a direct impact on her quality of care.