No one expects a medical crisis. Yet, the unexpected happened a few days after Christmas in 2009, when Alexis woke up screaming because of her excruciating headache. “She just passed out in my arms," her mom, Kathryn tearfully recalls. “The light just went out of her eyes.” Within hours, Alexis was in surgery at  Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, due to a cerebral hemorrhage on the left side of her brain.

Alexis was put into a medically induced coma, and there were no guarantees if she would have mobility or cognitive challenges after the brain swelling reduced.  Every day there were obstacles to overcome but after three surgeries, Alexis not only woke up, but gained full mobility.

Today she is a healthy sixteen-year-old girl who loves horses, reading, music, swimming, her church youth group and playing the violin. Her mom, Kathryn, is so grateful that her daughter’s life was saved by the quick response and expertise of the hospital’s doctors, nurses and everyone who supports them. “The care was sincere—earnest. You just know everyone is here for a reason. They are passionate about what they do.”